The SAP Syclo Smart Mobile Suite is a set of custom-built mobile apps for workforce automation. This suite helps companies in sectors like Utilities, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Transport, Manufacturing and Retail industries to gain a real-time, 360 degree view of all their operations for supporting their ongoing growth and profitability efforts.
SAP continues to strengthen its Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) by adding new platforms to provide various options for building Mobile applications and help customers control their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Few months back, SAP acquired Syclo which was the second leading MEAP platform (next to Sybase Unwired Platform).
Syclo is a platform which allows users to build Mobile applications for various device platforms. Syclo platform was built to support various servers as backend system and supports multiple device platforms.

Ready to Implement SAP Syclo Mobile Apps include:

SAP Work Manager – Empowers your workforce with everything they need to efficiently install, inspect, maintain and repair assets in the field. This app also mitigates any risk of injuries by helping workers follow complete safety checks and safe work practices at all times.
SAP Inventory Manager – Is a wireless material management solution for SAP ERP. It enables precise tracking and paperless management of inventory throughout the organization, helping you increase your productivity, lowering your costs and optimizing your supply chain.
SAP CRM Service Manager – Is a mobile field service solution that extends SAP CRM and ERP to a variety of mobile devices in the field. Leading field service organizations use this application to dispatch service requests, access SAP data from the field and capture complete, accurate data for reporting and analysis.
SAP Rounds Manager – Amplifies the value of routine conditions monitoring, meter readings and field measurements by recording more accurate data and analyzing it faster. With this app, users can take immediate action when they find potential problems by generating work orders and notifications on the spot.
SAP Sales Manager – Meets customer needs faster, better and more efficiently than the competition. With this app, a sales person can get access to Accounts, Contact Management, Activities Management, Opportunities and Leads Management, Sales Quotes and Orders etc. on the spot.