Lumbini Elite has very deep competencies in SAP products & Technologies and has the expertise to unlock problems and find solutions. Lumbini Elite is a Software Solution Provider with focus in the areas of Analytics, CRM & Mobility. Lumbini Elite is just new started Indian based company. The Client of Lumbini Elite started a new operations in US. The client’s operating and executive councils focused on short-term as well long term, tactical issues, while SOX, internal audit, IT risk office, and business process excellence managed risks with one-off systems. Each year organization seeking with new regulations. Client clearly define their own requirement that such as internal audits, compliance testing, and risk mitigation analysis, minimize the impact of risk during on boarding and off boarding and identify the risk analysis before assigning roles to our ERP system. They wanted reports around the company’s governance activities. So GRC package should that best suited to his organization’s need and increased user satisfaction include facilitating operational improvements using a process approach in a highly decentralized collection of businesses within organization. GRC software allow to access control, risk management and regulatory compliance, so that optimize the software to create workflow.

For GRC professional of Lumbini Elie faced a daunting challenge: first one How Do they create a business case for GRC solution and second one was that how do they justify with GRC solution and investment? So they identify the important implementing effective solutions of GRC so that they can manage the access risk and comply with external regulations and enforcement of internal policy. In any case of failure for Lumbini Elite as well as a Client will lost revenue and possibly pay penalties or fines or may be some federal charge and Client also forces to cut cost.


Lumbini Elite committed to provide best value It solution to client or customer so Lumbini Elite team worked really hard to implement this GRC project as per Client requirement and for their full satisfaction and also try to complete at the earliest. As the part of prior implementation, they have done the all authorization manually based on experience and internal reports so for them first objective was that improve the process of identifying and mitigating the risks whether it’s driven by legislation like SOX or another business rule or different regulations with respect to authorization assigned to all users in ERP system. As a part of implementation GRC team have to more concern about designed roles so with that we can reduce the risks related to the SODs (Segregation Of duties). Many steps followed like using artifacts, workbooks or online resources, documented in detail and best thinking ,knowledge and experience by GRC professional of Luumbini Elite to develop and execute GRC. They focuses equally of all the GRC part that is ACCESS CONTROL,PROCESS CONTROL AND RISK MANAGEMENT and gave effort to compete the all phases and steps in implementation of new GRC project. So By the better GRC solution the client’s or company’s overall ability to manage governance, risk and compliance issues has really improved.
Based on model data of client, Lumbini Elite took a holistic approach by providing skilled people, designing a process, and implement a Sap GRC tools to unified, effective and efficient GRC framework with other combination of SAP Security services such as Sap authorization, redesign, controls automation, etc so satisfy to the client. .
In the end , with many phases and different approach the project went through very smoothly and successfully complete because Lumbini Elite Team want to keep Client happy.