Faster Technology, Makes Business Faster and better Decision

In today’s fast moving business it is mandatory for the Management to response without making any delay of “Zero” or “Fraction” interval. This is not possible without upgrading and adopting new technology. SAP HANA, Yes is the right choice to take your business faster and on top of the world. In the fractions of seconds you can analyze your KPI’s and take decisions. By upgrading from SAP Net Weaver Business Warehouse (BW) and SAP Net Weaver BW Accelerator to SAP Net Weaver BW 7.3 with SAP HANA, you can achieve improved performance, better load times, and easier administration for your BW.

In Long run what will win:

    1. BW on HANA will win the strategic race
  • Many US customers start with a stand-alone HANA
  • Most are starting to evolve to BW on HANA
  • ABAP for HANA is already on the way


    2.There are over 17,000 BW installations worldwide Each one of these is a potential BW on HANA customer
    3.HANA is the fastest SW launch in the history of SW launches

LumbinieElite– A Simple way to Migrate on HANA

LUMBINI ELITE Strong capabilities in SAP BI/BW and HANA offering you get the Maximum benefit of upgrading SAP BW system to SAP BW 7.3,7.4  on HANA as quickly and as smoothly.

  • BW 7.X to BW 7.3,7.4 (Upgrade)
  • BW 7.3 on HANA (DB Migration)
  • BPC installation on HANA
  • HANA PoC’s
  • HANA Training



HANA Architecture


Replication Methods
Sybase or Log Based

  • This is when the replication server reads the logs from the database to pick up the data movements.
  • Database changes propagated per database transaction basis, replayed on SAP HANA database i.e. Consistency maintained but at the cost of not being able to run parallelization to propagate the changes

Data Services or Etl based

  • Uses SAP BO Data services.
  • Data services specify and load the relevant data in defined points of time from an ERP system into SAP HANA DB

SAP Landscape Transformation

  • When a change occurs in the source database a trigger is fired to track the data change.
  • Uses SAP landscape Transformation Server.
  • Near Real-time data.
  • Benefits for data base independent and parallelize the database changes on multiple tables.

SLT Architecture for SAP Source Systems

SLT Architecture for Non-SAP Source Systems

SAP Hana: Data Services 4.0

MLTD SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI iPad app
hana8 hana9

  • In this scenario Data is replicating from all the CRM systems to HANA Box and on top of HANA BO reporting is done.