Case Scenario – BO Migration 3.x – 4.0

Client Upgrade Purpose :-

    Better Data Access

  • Better integration with SAP BW
  • New dimensional semantic layer
  • Multi-source universes
     Usability / Productivity

  • Harmonized user experience across the suite
  • Interoperability
  • Advanced analytical insight
  • Brand new search capability
    Cost of Ownership

  • Integrated platform monitoring
  • Advanced auditing capabilities
  • Supportability and root-cause analysis
  • 64 bits server architecture
    Upgrade Activities taken

  • Platforms Upgrade
  • Webi Report report Conversion
  • Version upgrade path
  • Parameters and customization
  • Security upgrade
  • Cleanup Activities before upgrade


Technical Overview :- The general BI 4.0 architecture hasn’t changed compare to XI R2 and XI 3

5 main components

Web Application Server

Back-end Servers

1 Central Management System (CMS) database (Infoobjects)

1 File Repository (physical reports repository)

1 Audit Database



High Level steps Performed 

  • Setup the new landscape with the new software version
  • Move the BI content from the existing system to the new one















Detailed Steps – for Incremental Upgrade

    Upgrade content in stages

  • 2 systems to maintain
  • Requires lockdown of department folder
  • Issues affect only the department upgraded
  • Shortdowntime


Upgrade Considerations (DEV/ QUAL / PROD)

    • upgrade from previous version (XI R2 / XI 3.x) Production to BI 4.0 Qualification
    • Limitation of LCM in BI 4.0 lead to:

Some challenges after upgrade